Top 5 Tips to Avoid Germs in the Workplace

July 29, 2019

Top 5 Tips to Avoid Germs in the Workplace

When you’re around people, you’re going to be around germs, and the workplace can be a cesspool of viruses and bacteria.

Naturally, you don’t want to contract that stomach bug that co-worker Susan’s kid has or the flu that co-worker Michael was diagnosed with yesterday after being at work for several days before his diagnosis.

Prevention Is the Best Medicine

Germs are everywhere, but if you don’t avoid them as best you can, you can be the next domino to fall.

1. Prevent Spreading Germs at Work

stay home sick

If you happen to be the one that is ill, do everyone a favor and at least follow the 24-hour rule that most schools enforce.

As an example, the CDC recommends that if you have a flu-like illness, you should stay home until 24 hours after being fever-free. The recommendation is the minimum suggested time before rejoining your everyday activities.

Of course, there are also standard practices like washing your hands before eating or wiping your hands with disinfectant wipes.

Preventing the spreading of germs should always be your first course of action because like most people, you likely don’t want to miss much work if possible.

2. How to Fight Germs at Your Workplace

fight germs workplace

At the same time, depending on your job, you may not be able to take off much time from work, so then the question becomes, how do you fight germs where you work?

For one, keep a hand sanitizer at your desk to use whenever someone else doesn’t keep their distance when they’re coughing and hacking.

If you happen to be the one that is sick around the office, you can also make sure you don’t cover your mouth or nose with anything other than a tissue or your inner arm.

When someone covers their mouth or nose with their hands and then proceed to touch everything after the fact, the germs end up on every surface – causing an office-wide cold outbreak.

3. Follow Healthy Habits that Will Help You Prevent Germs at Work

Adopting healthy habits can help you prevent spreading germs at work. As an example, avoid touching your face during the day.

Think about it. Phones, doorknobs, light switches, appliances – they all get touched by many different people every single day.

When you touch it, the germs that someone else left on that surface are now on your hands, waiting to find a new place to conquer.

You also want to have a tidy workspace. More surfaces mean more places for germs to hide, so having a clean desk keeps germs at a minimum.

4. Use Antimicrobial Gear

fight germs workplace

Tablets and smartphones are especially prone to be covered in germs. Some companies (like us) produce antimicrobial cases for a variety of touch screens.

Kids can especially use these because little hands are often the dirtiest when it comes to handling just about everything.

5. Educate Those Around You

fight germs workplace

Providing education to those around you can come off as you being somewhat phobic when it comes to germs. Even still, proper training can provide a significant positive impact on health in your office. To get things started, you can lead by example. When you disinfect shared appliances like coffee machines and encourage others to do the same.

When office health becomes a team effort, everyone’s health improves.

Keep Things Clean

Keeping your office space clean should be part of everyone’s responsibilities. By taking these steps, you can effectively prevent the spread of germs.

Wash your hands, use antimicrobial gear, and educate your co-workers to improve your health at work.