How Anti-Bacterial Cases Work

Why choose antimicrobial iPad cases


There’s a lot of really gross stuff in the world. Stuff that sticks to things and stuff that climbs on things. A lot of creepy crawly stuff that spreads far more easily than we want. Unfortunately, a lot of this stuff resides on our hands. And unfortunately, when it comes to phones and tablets, the risk is even higher.

That's why we developed an iPad case with SteriTouch antimicrobial specialist technology. This technology controls odors and prevents microorganisms from both multiplying and degrading the product.



SteriTouch - antimicrobial specialists SteriTouch is an established brand in antimicrobial technology. SteriTouch antimicrobial solutions are found in everything from electronics to infant toys, toiletries, and even healthcare products. They are a market leader in the antimicrobial sector - manufacturing and supplying additives and compounds into almost every industry worldwide. 

Backed by research, SteriTouch is the real deal. They design, test, and develop new products in their own R&D shop. Even things like Pure Sense cases are no problem for these guys. Their awesome formula retains its strength making our product built to likely outlast your device. 



When kids are in the picture we’ve got to be more careful. Good thing SteriTouch is safe for all ages. The formula even checks out for chewing on by the little ones. Plus it’s approved by the EFSA and FDA not to mention supported on the Biocidal Product Regulations.



How Antimicrobial properties workSilver ions embedded in the case material get released by ambient moisture and enter the germ-cell membrane. Now the silver ions destabilize the cell, stop respiration, and inhibit cell division. At the same time, it blocks replication of DNA killing the cell. In simpler terms that means the microbes just can’t grow. 



Not a chance. SteriTouch is backed by independent testing that recently demonstrated no loss in antimicrobial performance even after 10 years of accelerated aging. That’s a pretty long time even by our standards so you can feel confident knowing SteriTouch eradicates the bad stuff as long as you need it to.


Antibacterial kids tablet and ipad cases by Pure Sense Cases