One hundred years ago we didn’t worry about the ingredients that went into keeping our tablets safe or clean. We didn’t think about who touched our kid’s stuff at school or what kind of nasty bacteria they left behind. Those were the days...The days before we had tablets that is. But today these are a common issue.

Pure Sense Cases tablet safety

From kids to adults, hospitals and beyond, technology has evolved and it’s time we did the same. It’s not enough to have the toughest cases around. In a modern world, we have to do more. Health is important too.



Pure Sense is the only iPad case that transcends normal tablet protection because it’s designed to stop organisms from multiplying. Using everything we’ve learned through our experienced parent company, Pure Sense combines the ultra-durability of our proven products with the technology of SteriTouch. The result is a case that does more than just protect tablets. 



Strong & Safe – If you’ve ever bought a flimsy knockoff you know the importance of quality for protecting your device. Pure Sense cases take protection to the next level.

Better Service – There’s only one thing in the world more important than getting the safest cases around. That’s giving you an excellent experience. We pride ourselves on over-the-top service, because that’s what we’d give our family and that’s exactly what you are.

Better Prices – Having the only cases with proven antimicrobial resistance means we could charge a premium. So why don’t we? It’s because good quality should be affordable to all and we think that you’ll agree. That’s why we keep it budget friendly – to keep more people safe.



Did you know Pure Sense was born of our parent company, Tablet2Cases? Did you know we’ve been in the tablet protection industry since 2011? Did you know we’ve sold over 200,000 tablet and mobile phone accessories worldwide? Our team and offices are located all around the world and together we’ve built a company you’ve come to trust and count on.

Our network extends to families, small businesses, and deep within the manufacturing industry. We’ve even built custom cases for those with special needs. We carry out orders both large and small and can even fill bulk shipments with notice. In short, we’re an expert protection company with an eye for rugged cases built on customer satisfaction.



Pure Sense is awesome, but it wouldn’t exist without our team of experts. Since they mostly work from behind the scenes you don’t always see them. That doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Pure Sense is made of an elite team of device protection specialists standing by to help. From product design and engineering to logistics, emergencies and more our team is here for you anytime you call.

Pure Sense Cases Team

Together we’ve delivered cases all over the world and saved thousands of tablet lives and now we’re even helping keep your family safe.  When you order a Pure Sense case you can feel protected knowing your device is backed by a confident, competent team who cares about your health.