Pure Sense takes pride in supplying cases for iPads for shoppers around the world. Beyond retail visitors, we also serve public institutions and private businesses. Often such requests are for larger quantities with tailored case selection at wholesale prices.

If the iPad tablet has been integrated into your workplace, then finding a solution to protect your investment is an essential first order of business. You should also consider special feature customization with functions that will enhance your users’ iPad.

Please email us on for further inquiry. A member of our staff will personally work with you to identify your specific tablet case needs and make expert suggestions that will fit your budget. 


Cases for Schools & Educational Institutions

The emergence of iPads and tablets has changed the way people learning and teaching across the globe. This point is driven home by educational institutions worldwide that are implementing tablets into classrooms. Pure Sense offers antimicrobial additives that help mitigate the spread of microorganisms within the classroom. 

Customizable cases are a great way to promote school spirit! These solutions can be personally designed in a range of colors and may be imprinted with your school name, mascot or logo. If your school has adopted tablets, then please contact email us to let us show you how we can help protect your tech school supplies.